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Started a Network Marketing Business and now you are wondering if you've lost your mind? Your friends think you are nuts? You think of nothing else? Guess what - You ARE Normal!

Am I Normal, Building an Online MLM Business?

Generation Y and MLM. They have lots of labels. And many of them are anti-label, so be careful how you use them. The Millennials . The Echo Boom. The Mega Generation.

What Generation Y Can Teach Us About MLM

So, you are ready to choose an MLM company and launch your professional career in Network Marketing. How do you choose a company?

How to Evaluate and Choose an MLM Company

If you are trying to balance your MLM business and your family, and feeling out of sorts, this article is for you. You can build a successful business with small children at your side. I did it, so can you!

MLM WAHMs – Building a Successful Business With Your Children

Have you struggled with getting your MLM business organized and off to a great start? Have you delayed getting started because you aren't organized, which leads to procrastination? Getting Organized is the first step to success!

Getting Organized in Your MLM Business

Why use income testimonials (including attained 'financial freedom') to sell others, if those stories are really "not typical" and "not representative" and if the sellers of the business programs "have no idea how well you will do?"

Income statements have never done anything for me. I didn't see one when I joined my first company and in over 14 years, have never asked anyone upline from me what they are making.

Nor have I ever "flashed a check."

I didn't need anyone to show me a check to see the value in rolling up my sleeves and going to work in a Network Marketing business. I understood that it wasn't going to happen overnight, and that understanding probably was due to the fact that I entered into Network Marketing by taking a business approach.

Do You Need To Flash Your MLM Check

We compare ourselves to others, in many cases, comparing ourselves to others without even sort of knowing if it's apples to apples or apples to oranges. This is TERRIBLE for your self-esteem and your MLM Business!

Comparing Yourself to Others in Your MLM Business

Are you struggling with finding time to work your business effectively because the kids are home? Feeling guilty when you are with the kids and not working your business, and guilty when you are working the business and not with the kids. You can do it, here's how -

Balancing Kids, Summer and Your MLM Business

Two things speak loud and clear in your business - Excuses and Results. You can't be successful and have both. Read more...

Two Things Speak Loud and Clear - Excuses and Results

MLM Outlets - you are paid to open MLM Business Outlets, focus on that one thing and succeed. Focus on getting people started in your MLM business (these are your outlets) and train and duplicate.

MLM Outlets - Are you Opening MLM Outlets in Your Business?

Success in your MLM business will come from having 3 very important things. Without these, there is no business and certainly no business success.

3 MLM Secrets to Success

Your vision is the picture that you have of yourself, your life and your future. Whether you like it or not, it is also what you are living right now. Whatever is your dominate focus in your life is creating your reality.

If you are experiencing lack in your life, check your focus. You will find that you are spending most of your time focused on what you are lacking. You can turn this around by focusing only on what you desire.

Creating Your MLM Success Vision