Jackie Ulmer's MLM Business - Would you like to learn the secrets of how to make money in MLM online from a Six Figure Income Earner?

Does this describe you - someone who has spent plenty of time and money trying to figure out how to make Network Marketing work; how to help others be successful in your business; and how to get to that elusive "gangster money" that you read about in the MLM magazines?

Me, too!

I finally figured it out, but it took some time, and a few companies before I found my fit and it took understanding the key components for success.

Close your eyes and think about a few things:

* A business that can run from virtually anywhere you have Internet Access and a Computer; something one can build from home with the family around

* Ability to build a global business, not just in one country.

* A unique product, unlike any other network marketing company

* A "Feel Good" product - something that adds value to your life and the lives of others

* A successful team and upline, with training you can plug right into and access 24/7

The above list was my "required business list" when I set out to find and build my dream business. I am passionate about the Internet and believe we have barely scratched the surface of what it can provide.

Here are some things I learned, and you should know, too, if you are serious -

* The system and coaching matter, along with the product and company. Look for a strong company culture. And remember, the real product is the opportunity!

* An affordable autoship makes a huge difference, especially online. Most people can't afford $150 - $400 and have anything left to market with. If you can't teach them how to sponsor in the first month or two, they will be gone and attrition is high!

* Give someone a product that they can actually retail for profit; something businesses, family and everyone can use; something that is easy to introduce with even mentioning the compensation plan; now you have a win-win.

Most people today are looking for a simple MLM business. Nothing complicated or overpriced. And, we all want to sponsor and keep people in the business, right?

How many times have you signed someone up only to have them quit after a month or two when they are shelling out hundreds for an expensive auto-ship and haven't made any money?

You need a program that is affordable for most and with a product that appeals to people; and a system for prospecting, recruiting and training for duplication.

I discovered the power of the Internet in 1999, and knew that it was perfect for a Network Marketing business, if done correctly. I also learned that:

It take time to grow a business strictly online, so I employ the best of all methods to get someone off to a fast start and making money right away.

Here are some things people are tired of in both MLM, Network Marketing and Internet Marketing -

* Juice and Vitamin Programs - they are everywhere and way too many "me, too" products out there

* $150-350 monthly auto-ship for products to be involved in the business

* Way too much inventory coming in with no ability to retail it.

* "Downline Builder System" promising the moon and delivering nothing but debt.

* Too much hype created by fear of loss.

I also know, after more than a decade in business, that to really be successful in business, you must have a business where -

* People are having fun and making money

* People can earn money quickly by getting started and taking action

* A monthly Auto-Ship that is affordable to most

* The product is one that can be sold for a fair market price and one that customers actually want

* A business success model is already in place * In other words, not a "wholesale buying club" where the only people buying and using the products are distributors who must do so to earn a paycheck.

So, if you are looking for something fresh, new and successful, I encourage you to open your mind to the possibilities and let me introduce more about what I am doing.

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