Creating Your MLM Success Vision

Your vision is the picture that you have of yourself, your life and your future.

Whether you like it or not, it is also what you are living right now. Whatever is your dominate focus in your life is creating your reality.

If you are experiencing lack in your life, check your focus. You will find that you are spending most of your time focused on what you are lacking. You can turn this around by focusing only on what you desire.

It's impossible to have vision and worry at the same time. If worry is holding you back, you must replace that worry with vision.

"What you worry about will come about!"

Now, think about that another way.

"What you visualize will actualize!"

Isn't that much better?

Did you know that your mind does not distinguish between what is real and what is imagined?

Have you ever had a dream, and upon awakening, it was still so real and vivid in your mind that your heart was racing, or your emotions were charged? So, what if you could fool your mind into creating your perfect life?

You can change the entire direction of your life by replacing worry with vision. And, it all starts with writing your vision down.

Take a clear look at your past. How much of it has been dictated by worry, fears, false assumptions, and a scarcity mentality? Most people put their focus on what they lack, instead of clearly visualizing what they want.

The more time you spend in "feeling" anticipation for something great about to happen in your life, the quicker your life will change, and begin to look more like the life you desire!

Begin to write the vision of your perfect life, in addition to your dream book.

Ask and answer these questions while you do this -

If time and money was not an obstacle….

Where would I live?

What would my house be like?

What kind of car would I drive?

What would my family be like?

What type of trips would we take?

What type of charities would I donate to?

How would I spend a typical day?

What type of work would I do?

How would my health be?

What types of food would I eat?

What would be my greatest accomplishment?

What words would be spoken about me by others?

What would my funeral be like?

Now, the funeral part may seem a little morbid, I realize. But, when you think about it, your funeral really sums up the life you lived. How do you want yours summed up?

Have fun with this task and get VERY creative and dream VERY big. After all, life is known to give you what you ask for. You don't want to discover you asked for the wrong things! It's like going through the drive through - you better check your order before you drive off!

Get your vision VERY clear in your head. Write out your "perfect day", answering the above questions. Make several copies of it. Keep one on your nightstand and read it each morning and last thing before you fall asleep. Your subconscious works while you sleep. Keep one in your day timer and one at your desk.

Your Vision is far more powerful than your goals, and will lead you to and through your goals. That is why you must have a very clear, precise vision and stay very close to it.

I want to spend a few moments really exploring the concept of focus and staying tuned into where you are focused at all times.

When we are at a point in our lives where we are not happy, not content and feel that we are lacking in one or many areas, it is imperative that we begin to shifts those thoughts. Yes, it can be challenging to do in the beginning, but most things are. If you set a goal to lose weight, the first few weeks of a new diet, new workout schedule, etc., are the most brutal. Wouldn't you agree?

It's well documented that it takes about 21 days, or three weeks, to form a habit, or even change a habit. Changing your thoughts and feelings of lack to thoughts and feelings of abundance is the best habit you can develop in your life!

Truly, it will positively affect every aspect of your life. (I'm living proof!)

One quick little idea that worked wonders for me was to develop a system where I would catch myself when I was thinking negatively about anything.

First, I put little post-it notes all over that just said "Where are you focused?" It didn't seem to matter what I was doing, I would see those things many times throughout each hour and that would be my reminder to check in on my thoughts and feelings.

In the beginning, it was amazing to me how many times I would catch myself "drowning in my sorrows" and having a pity party. And, I consider myself to be a positive person! Yikes! It was scary! No wonder I was not moving forward at a faster pace toward my ultimate vision.

My current vision (or reality) was a mess with negativity.

I borrowed one of my daughter fancy pony tail holders. It was a pretty, pink rubber band type of hair holder that had beads and trinkets on it. I began to wear that on my wrist, like a bracelet.

I did this so it did not look so funny wearing a regular rubber band! I didn't want people asking me why I was wearing it because it was a personal thing that I did not want to explain.

Anytime I would catch myself thinking in any way other than the way I wanted to be thinking, I would snap that hair holder on my wrist. I would just give it a good pop to get my attention.

After a while, just wearing the band prompted me to be very aware of my thoughts and focus on quality, exciting, positive thoughts about my destiny and vision. I would see it and do a "thought and feeling" check.

Now, checking in regularly with my thoughts and feelings is just part of day to day life. The band is gone from around my wrist, and my vision is taking shape each and every day.

If I do find myself falling back into the old ways, I put that band back on and it doesn't take any time at all until I am jumping out of my seat with excitement and positive feelings.

And, when I find that things aren't cruising happily along, if I stop and check my "feelings" meter, I always find that I am having resistance, negative type thinking of some sort. Once I get that in check, things pick back up again!

Remember this – success is a journey. Often, we think that we will be happy when we get to that place we desire. Not so!

The trick is to be happy on your way there and know every step of the way that what you desire is on its way to you.

It is important to be first. Then you do, and have.

You are the master of your own destiny. And, you must take charge from the very beginning of the journey. And, you must enjoy every step of the journey. It is all invaluable to your future success.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Jackie Ulmer is a network marketing veteran, industry coach and MLM author. She's built a solid six figure income using the Internet to build her Network Marketing business while maintaining the roles of wife, mom, cab driver, and social coordinator. Her passion is empowering women and young entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and reach for the stars. Get to know her better and sign up for her newsletter at

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