Jackie Ulmer Shares Her MLM Success Training Tips!

Jackie Ulmer, MLM Training Coach

Hi! My name is Jackie Ulmer. My background is similar to many, maybe even yours.

I had a bright, promising career in airline marketing. I enjoyed traveling the world, a good income and an expense account.

Being a MLM Coach was not something I had ever considered. If you type Jackie Ulmer in Google, you'll see how that has changed.

Although I had fun, my time really wasn't my own. I had a boss and an alarm clock.

When it was time to start a family, I struggled with the same decision as millions of women and men.

Should I go back to work, leaving my children in someone else's care?

Or should I give up my career and raise my children myself?

The choice was simple. My family came first. But, it didn't stop me from wanting to continue my career or from wanting to create an incredible lifestyle.

There had to be a way I could work from home, earn a great income and still be with my children.

I had read numerous stories of people that were doing just that....working from home, raising their children themselves and finding a balance doing both.

A MLM / Network Marketing business was the last thing on my mind and the last thing I was looking for. I can't tell you why for certain, but I knew those things were bad and something to be avoided at all costs. My thoughts were - "Jackie Ulmer and MLM? I don't think so...."

Network Marketing was the one thing that seemed to fit the profile of exactly what I was looking for –

· Flexibility

· The Ability to Create More Than a "Hobby" Income

· Working With People

· Increase My Management/Business Skills

After educating myself, I quickly determined that I was uneducated about what MLM and Network Marketing truly is, and I was about to let my own ignorance prevent me from taking advantage of the one home based business opportunity that fit my criteria perfectly.

So, I jumped in. I read every piece of information I could get my hands on and attended every training.

That was January, 1994, and boy, we've come a long way baby! All these years later, I am a MLM Coach and teach people how to get MLM leads coming to them!

Today, Warren Buffet owns a Network Marketing company. Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and Donald Trump have written a book extolling its virtues.

I decided to join the ranks of those who were successful. I made a commitment to educate myself on what was out there, select something that worked for me and my family, apply the time, dedication and perseverance that I knew it would take and reap the rewards!!

I wanted something in an industry that is fast-growing, recession proof, and that people use and want. I also wanted something that would provide an on-going residual income. You know, something that would pay me over and over for the work that I do one time!

Finally, I wanted to create multiple streams of income. I had a growing fascination with the Internet, its potential and the idea that one could make an incredible income online, while at home in blue jeans!

One thing I know for sure, the Internet is here to stay and it has made the reality of having your own successful home based business better than ever.

Combine that power with the fact that 96% of people polled want to own their own business and most want to work from home!

I began my research and, quite honestly, haven't stopped. After investigating a lot of things, I settled on the ones that work for me, and that's what is presented here!

You need to know right now that it is possible for you to build multiple streams of income online. There's a very precise way to do it, and I would love to be your MLM Coach!

Please understand that I don't offer get-rich-quick schemes. While you can make a lot of money fast, it usually takes effort and consistency. But, that is the only way you will get what you truly want.

Over ten years later, I'm happy to tell you that I am doing just that. I, Jackie Ulmer, have a thriving home business!

One that provides a great income, allows me to be my own boss, be with my family, travel the world and still make money.

It provides ongoing personal growth, education and development and the chance to help others get what they want!

MLM leads come to me daily through the Internet.

And, I've learned a lot along the way. How to choose the right company, how to build a successful business and how to teach others to do the same....I want to share all of this information with you.

My time is my own! My kids don't have to go to daycare!

And, because I work in an industry that is recession proof, fast growing and something used by everyone, I get paid while I'm at the lake with my kids, on vacation....even while I sleep!

That's the benefit of residual income!

In the process, I have coached thousands of other women and men on how to start, own and operate a successful home business.

I've written several e-books including MLM Boot Camp, Scripts - How to Talk to People and MLM, the Internet and You - How to Build it Online!

If you are serious, and committed, let's work together to create the same thing for you!

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