Balancing Kids, Summer and Your MLM Business

Jackie Ulmer and Kids

Working Your Business in the Summer With Kids

Are you struggling with finding time to work your business effectively because the kids are home? Feeling guilty when you are with the kids and not working your business, and guilty when you are working the business and not with the kids.

First, get a great big calendar and place it where everyone has access to it.

Then, sit down with the family and have a round table discussion. Let them all know you plan on having a SUPER FUN summer and doing lots with them. Make sure they have a clear understanding of what your business means to the family and what its future success will mean for all of you.

And, explain that in order to FUND the fun summer, your business needs to keep clicking along, too!

Write down everything that is already planned for the summer on the calendar, so there are no surprises. Schedule several fun outings and activities each week so they have something to look forward to and know what is ahead.

Consider a few weekly day camps, spread out here and there to keep the kids busy and give you some longer spaces of time.

Talk with the parents of your children's friends and see about scheduling some reciprocal kid swapping. Your kids go to their house one day and another day, they all come to yours.

Schedule some activities where you can take a laptop and cell phone, to get some work done.

I have returned phone calls for an hour from the beach, while watching my kids build sandcastles and have a ball. I got a TON done and they did not feel shortchanged. (They are a little older now so they don't need CONSTANT eye supervision, although they were always in my sight.)

Negotiate times on the calendar. Plan the zoo at 9am, and then 2 hours in your office from 2-4, etc. Swimming from 10-1pm and calls from 4-5 for mom.

Plan business things that the kids can get involved in. Set up a booth at a Farmer's Market or local street fair, if you sell products, and get your kids involved. Teach them about running a business, talking to people, making change, etc.

If you have specific things such as labeling brochures and catalogues, making samples, filing, or other such activities that the kids can do, get them involved and teach them great business skills along the way.

Hire a babysitter to come in a few hours a week, so you can do the high priority things that need your attention.

Stay up an hour later, after the kids are in bed to return emails, and have some quiet time.

If your kids are older, and your movie theater has a summer kids series, sign them up for that and then drop them off for a couple of hours.

Take your laptop and cell phone to the park and get things done while they play.

Work your business as you go as much as you can. If you are in direct sales/Network Marketing, carry some brochures, catalogs, business cards and samples with you and speak to people as you are out and about.

Have fun and enjoy the short time when you have your kids all to yourself!!!! And, know that it's a balancing act and you are creating great memories and a solid business together!

Jackie Ulmer is a network marketing veteran, industry coach and MLM author. She's built a solid six figure income using the Internet. She may be reached through her website -

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