Getting Organized in Your MLM Business

Have you struggled with getting your MLM business organized and off to a great start? Have you delayed getting started because you aren't organized, which leads to procrastination?


Getting Organized is one of my favorite topics because it encompasses SO much! It's the start of something wonderful, and, it doesn't matter where you are in the business or how long you've been in, you can get organized at any time and have a fresh start!

Now, to start this off, here is something I REALLY want you to think about -

Lack of Organization can slow you down and even thwart your efforts in your wonderful, multi million dollar business enterprise. That's right, it IS a multi million dollar enterprise and so you must treat it as such! Getting organized will free your ming and get you going in business.

The first place you'll want to get organized is in your mind. When your mind is organized and clear on what is happening, everything else will fall into place.

So, first off, let's start with your vision of your perfect life. Recently, we had a postcard perfect day. We went boating, skiing and ended up beached on a small island with friends, about 5 boats, 10 kids and we had a blast. We had music, sunshine, little competition and great food. We even had a little champagne to celebrate my good friend's anniversary. As I looked around, I felt so appreciative for my life and so appreciative that the day was first a vision in my mind. Oh, it may not have looked exactly like that in my mind, but it sure felt the same.

So, spend some time writing out everything you WANT from your business. EVERYTHING, no matter how small or seemingly large. Write it ALL down.

This will assist you as you go through your life and get rid of clutter and things/activities that do not move you closer to your goal.

Make sure you have a copy of this vision of "must haves" available to read first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Imprint it firmly in your mind.

Organize your mind for business, for success, for adversity, for celebrations, for changes, for growth, etc.

Now, let's get your calendar organized. Remember that part about using your vision to help you in getting rid of clutter. Clutter comes in many forms, including doing things that eat up time but don't add anything.

Go through your calendar and block out all times that are non negotiable and unavailable for business time. This would be family time, church, a job, etc. Now, fill in other times that are taken, but possibly negotiable.

Next, fill in those times that you commit to working your business. Take a careful look at this calendar and the time you've slated for your business. Is there enough time there to take you to the level you want in your business?

If not, that's where we begin to cut times that are wasted - TV, recreational sports, Bunko, Saturday morning golf, etc.

Yes, it may seem harsh and sacrificial, but I promise, if you'll be consistent, it will pay off tenfold and be more than worth it. I am living proof of that.

I gave up a LOT early on, and today, I don’t have to make those sacrifices! Life is grand!

Next, get prepared and get organized in your workspace. Set aside 2 - 4 hours to clean up, clean out and get ready. Get rid of the clutter and junk that is slowing you down. Did you know that having clutter around slows you down, even if you don't think so, because you are psychologically aware of it and it is eating into your productive time?

I know this because I see the difference in my effectiveness when my desk is clear, files are where they go and I am ready to do business in every way possible.

Clean out your desk drawers, files, cabinets, etc. Make space for your business.

Now, decide the top 3 methods you are going to use for building your business and then determine what tools you'll need to be effective. Get those tools TODAY! Yes, TODAY, don't wait!

So, our next step is to order everything that you are going to need so you are ready to go ASAP!

Your product and tool needs will vary with your specific business, but here are some ideas -

Products Brochures Business Cards Samples Labels with your name, phone, website CD for prospecting (maybe company or generic) Postcards for follow up Envelopes Postage Flyers (speak to your upline)

Try not to recreate the wheel on anything that is already in place by your company or your upline team. It takes time; bogs down the process and can lead to analysis/paralysis!

I've recently been conducting coaching sessions with each of my personally sponsored business partners and I have found the number one reason for lack of success has actually all been related to procrastination and being unprepared. Once we were able to sort through being unprepared, it was easier not to procrastinate.

Let's take Susie - she wants to be effective, she wants to build her business, but she is not prepared and so her business is going no where. She has a plan to do this and this and this, but she doesn't have her space and mind organized, and so she is doing nothing.

With a few actions steps and accountability, we have Susie ready to take aim and fire. It really involved taking a few minutes to organize what she would need and then preparing for it. I'll be checking in with Susie next week to make sure she is ready to take off.

Spend a day getting everything ready for your business building. This will include making your list; getting prospecting packages ready to mail out; getting an automated system set up with a website and autoresponder, if you are using the internet. Decide right up front on the "reaching out" methods you will use to build your business. These are the ways you contact people and include warm market; buying leads; internet; advertising, etc.

Once you have an idea of what your methods are going to be and you have your tools ready, it is time to set your weekly action plan. Having a weekly and daily action plan sets you up for success because you know each day what your business building activities will entail.

Your daily and weekly action plan will include a set number of contacts you will make each week; number of recruiting packets you will mail; emails you will send, etc. And, you will also want to include a set number of follow ups that you will make with those whom you already gave information about the business.

Besides the methods that are part of your action plan, always be ready for those situations that arise where you can develop business contacts. This incudes "bump into's" - these are people you meet while out and about who you can have a conversation with and then pass off business information to, if appropriate. Make contacts with those people who you know have had a business in the past or who have been looking for a business. Ask for referrals whenever possible.

Be time wise. Don’t answer emails when you can be calling leads, businesses, etc. Work email after hours. Close your email program while working online to avoid distractions. Invoke the 24-48 hour rule on returning calls and emails.

Make a commitment and put your blinders on. Begin to take action right now, and continue this every day for the next 90 days. Don't look up, don't look sideways and don't look back! You are forward focused and looking straight ahead.

Set a course and follow it religiously for 90 days. At the end of that time, you can evaluate and make changes if necessary. Evaluating too soon will not give you accurate results.

Finally, know what you are going after and expect it to show up. Belief and enthusiasm toward your goal is what inspires you to action. And, inspired action is the most effective kind. Why? Because it comes from your true, inner drive and when we are inspired to take action, we are not taking action because we feel we have to. We are taking action because we WANT to.

Get rid of the clutter, get the tools you need, and get your mindset in place. With these few components, there is no stopping you! I'll be reading your story everywhere! Just do it and make it happen!

Jackie Ulmer is a network marketing veteran, industry coach and MLM author. She's built a solid six figure income using the Internet. She may be reached through her website -

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