Working MLM Leads, Avoiding Discouragement and Understanding the Process

Working MLM leads for your Network Marketing business is a great way to get solid training on your business and how to work it effectively; as well as sponsoring people into your business. It can also be a very discouraging activity.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you work through the process. This will help you avoid those feeling of despair and help you understand your prospects better.

First, think about your own journey into your business. Here are some questions to ask and answer about yourself. This may help you understand and accept the journey that others might be going through in their own decision making process.

When you are working in an environment where the people who you are calling don't know you, ask questions to put yourself in his/her shoes.

How long after your initial inquiry did you sign up?
How many phone calls did it take?
Did you need/want to be chased?
What information was important for you to know before signing up?
What is your reason for doing this business?
If you waited awhile before joining, what was it that finally prompted you to join?

Any time you are working with people, human factors are going to come into play as each person sorts through business information; his/her own objections and concerns about a business; finances and timing. These are all important points to ponder when you think about your own process of working with leads.

People are basically the same, no matter where we live. Some may join right away and many will not.

Here is the journey I went through while trying to decide about a Network Marketing business. See if you see some of your own story in mine. And, even if you don't, perhaps having this information may help you see each situation through the eyes of your prospect.

I first looked at Network Marketing when I was 19. It was the case of someone springing it on a group of us at a party. I didn't understand it at all, and was not interested, but those circles and the lifestyles of the rich and famous did intrigue me.

Fast forward ten years later. We are about to start a family and I know I will be leaving my job to be home. Again, I am approached about a MLM business, but I am still not interested. The timing is not right and I am skeptical about Network Marketing.

Another year goes by, I am home with a baby and finances are very tight. Now, I am actively searching for a business from home. I am still skeptical about MLM, but much of my research is pointing me in that direction. The friend who approached me last year stops by over the holidays. He doesn't say a word about his business, but his whole demeanor is different. He's driving a fancy sports car, and I am now extremely interested and asking him questions.

It is still another three weeks before I sign up and even longer before I actually get going. I am nervous, unsure and feel I must know everything possible there is to know before I speak to someone. I want it to just "happen" without me actually having to take any action steps. Sound familiar? It was a full three years before I really started to take action in my business.

How many times have you spoken with someone who seems very interested and then they just vaporize? How many times have you heard "I'll sign up tomorrow" and then nothing happens? How many times have you wondered if it was something about you that caused this?

Sometimes, real life does get in the way. And, it's important to always remember that another person's decision has nothing in the world to do with you. It is purely about each person individually, and his/her situation in life right then.

I repeated this same exact process with my current company, although the reasons were different. This time it was 9/11 and a move to another state prompted by those events that delayed things. Chances are, had I signed up when I first considered it, I might have quit. Timing truly does have to be right to effectively work a business.

Think about your own experiences. Perhaps you have never been "chased" by an overzealous Networker who calls you day and night practically begging you to sign up. For me, nothing makes me less interested. It causes me to think the person is desperate.

This is where the art of asking good, probing questions when you are speaking with a prospect can make all of the difference for both of you. Spend a little time in the relationship process with those to whom you speak to about the business. They will remember you for this and you will stand apart from others to whom they might also be speaking to about business.

Find out their reason why and find a way to meet that need. Show them what is in it for them. Provide a benefit statement of what he/she can expect of you as their sponsor. Assure them that they won't be signed up and abandoned. Allow each person time and space to ask questions and make decisions

Understand the two to five year plan of consistent action that is typically required for Network Marketing business success. Continue to invest in your own growth and education as you work with leads and become a more effective communicator. Follow up consistently but not desperately.

Ask yourself these questions daily –

Am I in this for the long haul?

Am I willing to wait a year and a half, maybe more, to grow a dynamic team?

Am I willing to continue to invest in my own learning, education and growing pains so I can reach the pot of gold?

Will I be here when my previous leads are ready to get started?

Timing is everything. And, it is ALWAYS about the prospects timing and not the potential sponsor.

NEVER let a "No" steal your dream. Often, you hear no when what is really being said is "not now, but later." Be HERE when later comes.

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