Your Personal Website is What Attracts Your Prospect to You

Your Personal Website is what separates you from the rest in your MLM Online Business. Are you serious about being successful online? If you are, then you must be marketing yourself and your opportunity with a personal site.

This is how I have signed up over 650 people in 4 1/2 years. These are people who find me online, go through my business details, and contact me directly.

Sound too good to be true? It's not. It's taken me right to the top of my company pay plan and right to the high six figure income ranks!

Worried that you don't know HTML? No worries. I didn't know a thing either and look at this site. It's build using the tools you'll learn about.

Site Build it for MLM - The Best Site Building Resource Available

The best option out there, bar none, is Solo Build It. This is a powerful, template type of website with some amazing features to take you to the top of the search engines in short order.

I built one simple, 5 page site and it was ranked number 3 under my specific key word phrase in less than 3 months, without me doing anything! I've since expanded it, and it is still right at the top.

They have a section and forum just for Network Marketers, so you'll have lots of guidance and resources if you do get stuck.

Solo Build It offers so much more than just a way to build a website. It is so value packed that it would probably cost you thousands to get all of the tools separately.

Here is what I love about this way of building a website -

1. A complete package of software tools

2. Point and click site building software. You don't have to know HTML, FTP or any of the techie things. Although you CAN use these tools with Solo Build It. You can use templates and choose from their pre-designed templates.

3. Domain name registration

4. Keyword Brainstorming and research tools that are dynamo, this alone is worth its weight in gold.

5. Search Engine Optimization, including the analysis of EVERY page of your website and details on what to do to enhance and optimize it for the search engines.

6. Unlimited hosting space, although this is rarely an issue

7. Branded email accounts that match your domain

8. Graphics tools

9. Blogging platform

10. Traffic statistic and analysis tools - know WHERE your traffic comes from

11. Built in Autoresponder which will service some of your needs

12. Pay per Click research and bidding tools. REALLY helps in the process

13. Traffic Central - in other words, what major methods are people using to find your site

14. Form Builder, to create contact pages, polls, surveys, etc

15. Competition research tools

16. How to monetize (or make your website profitable) in different ways you might not think of

17. And, the one of the best things - Repeated search engine submission and auto-pinging. This mean is that Solo Build It will continue to submit each page of your site to the search engines until they are indexed. It also tracks when the search engines have "spidered or crawled" your page and how it is ranked. Each time you make a change to a page, it automatically re-submits your page. I've never seen any other service that offers all of this!

18. A 10 day process and an Action Guide to get you through all of this so you aren't completely overwhelmed!

This is the site I most highly recommend. Beyond all of the tools, they teach you how to build a website RIGHT, and for success. This is critical.

Just like in your business, you have to tell people more than just what you do and what they can do. You also have to tell them how they can do it and be successful.

Same with your website.

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