Do Your MLM Business Prospects Know What to Expect From You If They Join Your Business?

When you are working with potential team partners for your business, do they know what to expect of you and from you if they decide to "sign on the dotted line?"

What type of training and support can they expect?

What will the next step be?

When will they hear from you?

You can increase your sign ups dramatically if you layout for them exactly what to expect and what will happen next.

This can be done in a few different ways -

1. In the phone conversation, ask the question - "Jim, do you want to know what to expect and what the next step will be when you do get signed up?"

(Jim ALWAYS answers yes!)

Here is my answer -

"You'll receive and email from our corporate office with away with your company ID and details for accessing the back office of your site. You'll also receive a welcome email along with your First Steps to Success outline and the Roadmap to Success. Those documents will get you into our team training site and discussion group. And, you'll know exactly what to do first to get your business started.

I would then like to schedule a phone call within 48 hours to go through this information, answer any questions and assist you in developing a business plan that will fit for you.

From there, we'll be working closely together to get your business going. How does that sound? Any questions?"

Now, you've gone a long way in furthering the relationship and the future is right out before your prospect.

My next step is then to give them my website where they can see a little of my training process and email them the signup link, unless they ask for it right then.

Give this a try and see what happens.

Here is what I outline for them.

  • Strategy Session to Develop Your Own MLM Business Plan and Daily/Weekly Action Plan

  • Weekly Coaching Session to Get Your Business Launched

  • Recruiting 101 - Understand the Basics to Team Building and understand "rejection" in our business. I'll share with you how to never look at a "no" as a rejection.

  • BOSS Training - The Notification Principle for Your Business and Products

  • Understanding Your Company Website and Back office, what you need to know and where to find it.

  • Online Marketing and Business Building Training

  • Getting Your Website Developed and into the Search Engines

  • Automating the follow-up

  • Social Networking Online

  • Finding Your Target Market and Online Niche

  • How and Where to find qualified MLM Leads and Prospects

  • Developing a small, loyal customer base for your MLM Products

  • Tools For Your MLM Business – what you need to have to be successful

  • How to Communicate Effectively – you can say too much and turn off your prospects

  • How to Present Your Opportunity

  • How to Train and Duplicate

  • How to Lead a Successful Team

  • Weekly Accountability Guide

  • Tracking Your Weekly Action Plan

  • Weekly Team Coaching and Training Call

  • Recorded Training Calls

  • Much More

You must know that you’ll never know it all! Your MLM Training will be an ongoing process so make sure that you always stay in the learning mode and be open to new ideas. One new idea put into action could create millions for you and your team!

Let them know you are committed to their success!

Jackie Ulmer is a network marketing veteran, industry coach and MLM author. She's built a solid six figure income using the Internet. She may be reached through her website -

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