MLM Apprentice - Take on an Apprenticeship in Your Network Marketing Business

Apprenticing in Your Network Marketing Business

Have you ever hesitated to talk to someone about your business because you didn't know exactly the right thing to say?

Did you make the decision not to take any steps in your business until you know everything there is to know about it?

Are you fearful that you might not know the answer to a question or know how to respond to a comment?

Have you ever quit a business after a few weeks for various reasons?

Maybe you are evaluating things based on the wrong mind set and the wrong data. Do you have a probation period in your business? Have you considered this and set this up for yourself?

Examine your thinking and make sure you are evaluating your business success based on the right criteria. Most jobs have a 30-90 day probation period, right? And, per a job description, you must be performing certain tasks daily to pass that probation period, right?

Are you expected to have all of the answers on day one? Or, are you expected to take action and learn and find solutions as you move on?

Being an apprentice means taking action and learning as you go along. It's not about locking yourself up in a closet and working on things until you get them perfect.

It's about knowing that you have resources and a safety net to catch you as you take your first shaky steps in your business. It's knowing that with each step, you learn a little more and you get a little better. What if you went into your business with the mindset of being an apprentice? What if your upline was willing to coach you and you just need to commit to being an apprentice? Would you do it? And, remember that you can apprentice from others outside of your upline as well.

There are tons of great leaders in the industry. If someone else is getting results that you want, commit to learn from and follow that person.

If you are struggling in one area, are you willing to watch someone who has the skill set you want and learn from them? Then, will you act on it?

Set up the job description that you would give yourself if you were hiring you for a job. What would the daily and weekly tasks consist of? What would be the minimum required to keep the job?

Then, set up a probationary period for the job. Keep a tracking sheet that lists your daily and weekly tasks. Evaluate yourself at the end of each week. Focus on what you must do to improve for the next week. No sense beating yourself up for what didn't get done.

Play full out to the end of your probationary period and then evaluate where your next steps will lead. Do you need another apprenticeship? Are you committed enough to step out on your own?

Treat your network marketing business like the business that it is. Accept that you have entered a new career path and the best thing you can do is accept an apprenticeship from others who have achieved what you want. There are eager colleagues out there ready to advise and counsel you. Just ask!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer