Getting Your MLM Business Started

You've signed on the dotted line and you are now a distributor!

Congrats! You have taken step one to reach your dreams and goals. Getting started the right way is important to your MLM Success.

Let's go through the steps you'll want to take to get the MLM (Recruiting) side of your business going.

Let's cover how to share the opportunity with others and develop that team.

First, determine your why and set yourself up for success by KNOWING and BELIEVING in your WHY.

Ask any top leader and income earner in any company and they will tell you that your reason for pursuing a business is critical to your success.

• What is the juice that makes your life worthwhile?
• Create a vision for your life that is greater than your fears. IT must be compelling enough that your fears pale in comparison to what you can have in your life
• Key components of your powerful vision - Who will you be? What qualities? Who will you be with? contribution? actions?
• The more attached to your vision you are the more contagious the enthusiasm you convey will come across to your prospect
• Write out your perfect day in your perfect life once you have achieved the success you currently desire.

Always remember that what you EXPECT is what you get!

Tools of the Successful Recruiter

• Your company website and a re-direct name
• Any additional online presentation features
• Autoresponders
• Business Cards
• Brochures
• Product Samples
• Business Presentation Guide
• Prospects with whom to work

Your Prospect List

• Don't shortchange your warm market
• Use the phone book as a memory jogger
• Ask for referrals
• BNI (Business Network International) and the Chamber of Commerce
• ads in small publications
• ads in work at home publications
• online ads
• Network with others online and offline
• Shows and expos

Your Business Plan and Single Daily Actions

• Prospect in some way
• Follow up
• Mail out information
• Email information
• Network
• Misc activities - finding ads; writing articles, networking on forums

Rate Your Attractor Factor is a potential sponsor

• Attitude is everything – Do an Attitude Check
• Check your posture and state of mind
• How strong is your belief in your product; the company and the industry
• Do you listen? Do you sell or share?
• Do you follow up and honor your commitments?
• Do you take things personally and look at a no as rejection?
• Practice being brief and to the point.
• Be willing to be bad to be good to be great
• Only time and practice gets you there. I'm good on the phone because I have talked with THOUSANDS of prospects.
• Remember, you are NEVER desperate and you never need any ONE person

Rate yourself after a prospecting conversation

• Did I establish good rapport?
• Did I listen more or speak more?
• Did I find out my prospect's potential why?
• Did I get into information overload by saying too much that is not necessary or wasn't asked?
• Did I pressure my prospect?
• Did I use hype or no-no words?
• Did I ever make my prospect wrong?
• Did I state the next step and what would happen next?
• Did I set a time for follow up?
• Go through these questions after each conversation so you can begin to improve.

The Rules of Prospecting

• Give up the right to make anyone do anything
• Look for a way to contribute to your prospect's life either through products or opportunity.
• Always know the next step you will take your prospect through.
• Honor time commitments

Handling Objections

• Understand the objection thoroughly
• Are you just offering your opinion?
• Is the conversation worth your time?
• Listen thoroughly

Designing Your Game Plan for Success

• Decide on a weekly plan of action - goal setting is fine, but incorporate your action steps into this.
• Commit to follow through
• Track your action steps and results - even use a journal to note how things go and areas to improve.
• Use Tracking sheets
• How many prospecting conversations daily and weekly?
• How many follow up conversations?
• How many information packs mailed out?
• Training and coaching hours?
• Retail time?
• Other actions that are needed?
• Record your own calls and listen and learn from them. Get rid of uhs and ums

Finally, remember that the key to success in network marketing is to operate day in and day out from your commitment to your action plan, your goals and your vision and NOT out of reaction to your feelings.

Most people are at the mercy of their feelings and they let these feelings dictate their life. If they FEEL like making calls, they do and if they don't, they won't. And in the beginning, there are too many factors involved in your feelings that can knock you off your course.

Be clear with yourself about what is at stake if you ACHIEVE your goals and also if you do NOT achieve your goals.

Train and work on yourself daily. Hold yourself highly accountable. Know that persistence is essential to success.

Network Marketing is a gift that you can offer to others. It can transform your life and the lives of many others. Communicate that possibility daily to others. That is my challenge for you!

All Rights Reserved - Jackie Ulmer - May not be copied or re-produced in anyway.