Run Your Business Like A Business (RYBLAB)

MLM Business Basics - Getting Started

First, and from the beginning, Run Your Business Like A Business!

Get a separate phone line with an answering machine. Don’t allow your children to answer this phone or anyone not knowledgeable with your business. Having your own phone line allows you to control the hours of your business and create some balance between business time and family time.

You could even use your cell phone for this, and make sure your number is going to remain with you. Check into plans that give you bonus minutes. Get three-way calling.

Open a separate checking account and get a business credit card.

Purchase necessary office supplies such as paper, envelopes, stamps, file folders, etc.

Set up a desk in a spare bedroom or secluded area of your home.

Make sure you have all of the tools from your company that you will need such as brochures, business cards, catalogues, sample products, positive media and credibility pieces, order and sign-up forms, etc.

Sit down and determine a monthly marketing budget for your business. This is so very important. Often, people start a business but don’t factor any investment money into the actual marketing of the business and this is a serious mistake. Ever see McDonald’s advertised on TV? How about AT&T? Well, these companies don’t advertise because they are just looking to spend money. They know that in order to get business, they have to put themselves out there so that those seeking their products and services can find them.

You must do this, too.

It doesn’t have to be a budget on the scale of a McDonald’s, but it needs to be enough to get you out there.

Tools To Launch Your Business

Check with your upline and company to find out what is available to you. Many companies and organizations offer some or all of the following -

Conference Calls 800 Recorded "Teaser" Lines DVD/Video Tapes of your company overview CD/Audio Tapes Satellite Broadcasts Local Meetings Fax on Demand Company Web site Online Business Presentation Color Brochures

Research each of these tools and find the ones that you are most comfortable with, and put them to work!

And, a few of the simplest and most common tools (but highly effective) include –

Business cards Brochures Product Samples Postcards

Don’t underestimate the power in these tools!

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